Good interview skills are great skills as people are an important asset and you should know what to ask and how you want to ask? Improper methods and questions will prove fatal for the company that you want to recruit people. To identify right people for the right job you should know and understand the requirement, roles and responsibilities, skills for the position that you are going to recruit. You should be confident and have good communication and language skills.

As a recruiter you should tell the aspiring candidate:
  • The positivity of working with the company
  • The expectations of the company
  • Company policies and procedures
As a recruiter you should ask:
  • The candidates plan of career growth
  • Why a candidate wants to work?
  • If they have shifted their job, why the candidate wants to change job?
  • Their commitment to the role and their willingness to join the company
  • Their career aspirations, ambitions
  • How confident they are to take up the role
As a recruiter you should be able to identify the personality type of the candidate and whether they will be able to adapt to the company policies, culture.
An interviewer should be positive minded even after multiple attempts to recruit a right candidate. Interviewing is easy if you horn the right skills.

We at KLITS offer mock interview sessions to develop you as a good interviewer.

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