A person with certain skills is a leader. What are those skills? A person with the following skills is considered as an effective leader:
  1. Communication: A leader needs to possess good communication skills. He / She should be able to converse without fear and fluently. They should be able to let others know their thoughts and ideas. Have the capability to allow others to interact effectively. They have to be good in their soft skills. ( People interaction, verbal and written communication)
  2. Delegation: They should be able to delegate work and not do by themselves. To do this they should know the capability of each team member. They should identify people in their team who can ably perform tasks and delegate it.
3. Motivation: Inspire people to achieve goals, by using positive and encouraging words. They also motivate by rewarding right people on achieving targets.
4. Creative: A creative minded person who can think differently to catch attention. A person who can throw spotlight on ideas and executing them. They stand apart with their ideas.
5. Responsible: A person capable of executing and accountable for all actions be it successful or unsuccessful results. A level headed person who can execute things.
6. Feedback: A person who provides feedback as well as receives feedback for improving skills. This will improve the current activity as well as all future assignments. The feedback can be either positive or negative. Negative feedback is motivational for a better performance but people do not prefer to hear criticism. They think they always hear only when there is a complaint. The feedback should be both positive and negative to inspire for a better performance.
7. Reliable: Trustworthy person who can be relied all the time. Such reliable people are respected as they deserve it.
8. Supple: Leaders need to be supply while implementing projects as last minute changes will always be inevitable. Top management always receives last minute requirement changes in the projects though the project will be in the final stages of completion, leader should be flexible to implement such changes.

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