Faculties instill in us required knowledge to make our livelihood with adequate skills. We at KLITS foster ongoing professional training for educators. Requirement of qualified educators and faculty members is on rise which necessitates expanding the education program, curriculum and the format to impart them.

KLITS implement their education program to enhance the working skills of educators required for development.

KLITS aims at providing higher education to attain sustainable development through creation, transmission and circulation of knowledge. Higher education is implemented at all levels by implementing new methods and improving the existing ones. This will be implemented using various technologies and in online format.
The unprecedented growth of education in the past two decades has led to a sparsity of updated and well trained faculty members. This scenario has created a quality challenge for education. There is a need for well-trained educators who will help improve programs to produce quality graduates.

Aiming to equip faculty members with required skills and knowledge, Klis pursues the Faculty Development Program as its objective.

Faculty Development Program is provided at certain universities. The curriculum has been designed by Industry experts. The course has been designed keeping in mind the current educational and technical scenario. By enrolling for the Faculty development program educators can enhance their skills.
Our IT-technocrats/service providers and soft skill trainers are professionally qualified persons with unaccountable records in their achievements.

Keep learning to grow professionally.

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