You can find few people have time to do many things where as some find it difficult to complete task assigned to them. Do you know why? The reason is planning to complete tasks with proper utilization of time. In a day we have only 24 hours, hence the need to allocate time for each of our task.

Planning your time to effectively complete task assigned to you is time management. Managing your time will make you productive and proactive. Time management enables you to make a good choice of your activity to complete your task. It is a way to organize your task, requires proactive skills to plan for your activity. To effectively manage your time:
1. Set your goal
2. Prioritize your activities
3. List out your task
4. Create a schedule of your task
5. Avoid doing multi task
6. Overcome procrastination
7. Do not continuously concentrate in doing a task. Take regular breaks. Breaks refresh your mind
8. Do not be distracted with phone calls, messaging and chatting. Focus on the task

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